PGR005: Sleepyhead – Good Love


Sleepyhead – Good Love
Release Date: 8/09/11

1. Sleepyhead – Good Love (Original Mix)
2. Sleepyhead – Move It! (Original Mix)
3. Sleepyhead – Good Love (Nightwave Remix)
4. Sleepyhead – Move It! (Sines Remix)

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Debut release from Sleepyhead. One half of SexyTime alongside MiMoSa, Sleepyhead steers away from the clear cut lines of dubstep and ventures into the world of UK Funky and experimental future bass.Supporting this freshmen release from one of America’s rising bass stars, are footwork remixes from Nightwave (formerly 8Bitch) and Sines.The title track Good Love starts off with a deep, sexy RnB hook which is backed up with lush pads.Fancy 808 work and a rolling bass line kick in to top off this super catchy, feel good tune.Next up is the second original Move It!Tribal 808 kicks, a haunting vocal, and an equally creepy synth carry the song until it drops full on into a Julio Bashmore-like masterpiece.Tight hand percussion fills in the gaps throughout the climax until the onslaught of 30 below frequencies are unleashed once again.The Nightwave remix of Good Love wastes no time getting started.From the get-go furious kicks, hats, clicks, and other 808 kit essentials play in harmony with each other, jumping from one polyrhythm to the next.Nightwave proves she is a force to be reckoned with in the new school juke/footwork class of producers.Moving on to the Sines remix of Move It! one can be reassured that everything is indeed bigger in Texas.The boys from South Houston come correct with wicked syncopation and a shuffle that no one could stand still too.A classic in the making, Sines shows they can work an 808 like the best of them.
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