PGR002: Guttstar – Battery Hues EP

PGR002: GUTTSTAR – Battery Hues EP
Release Date: 31/08/2010

1. Fresh Produce
2. Bomb Blast
3. Not Money or Show
4. Tracers
5. Bomb Blast (Dev79 Remix)
6. Not Money or Show (Kastle remix)

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Party Guy Records‘ sophomore release, the Battery Hues EP, is the debut release from Matt Gutt a.k.a. GUTTSTAR (Formerly known as SubPRIME). Hailing from Burlington, VT, GUTTSTAR made quite a bit of buzz over the past year from his outstanding remix of Lil’ John’s Snap Yo Fingers. His debut EP offers up four original bangers alongside remixes from Philadelphia street bass champion Dev79 and Pittsburgh’s bass maestro Kastle (B. Rich). GUTTSTAR has undeniably captured the purple sound on his debut EP, which the likes of Joker, Ginz, Rustie, Gemmy, and Guido have made so famous. GUTTSTAR has welded his lush synth lines together with innate precision, creating a heavy crunk soundscape with mass-appeal.

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