DubCHI – DoucheCHI Volume 1

We’ve got one hell of a mix from DubCHI. All remixes and original productions. Close your eyes and you’ll be front row in Webster Hall! Download HERE.

DubCHI – DoucheCHI Volume 1

R.O.R. – Scarface (DubCHI remix) — Slanted Black
Bardeenz – Messed Up Maison (DubCHI Remix) — Party Guy Records
Daft Punk – High Life (DubCHI Remix)
Billione – Moscow Fidget (DubCHI Remix) — BomBeatz
Stereo Soldiers feat. Craig Mitchell – Son of a Beat (DubCHI Remix) — Sub Scooping Music
Scott Harris and Perfect Cell – Lumberjack (DubCHI Remix) — BomBeatz
Black Rob – Woah! (DubCHI Remix)
Black Eyed Peas – I Got a Feelin (DubCHI Remix)
DubCHI – Extra Clips
Don’t Be Afraid (DubCHI Remix draft)

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